Estonia, called “the Silicon Valley of the Baltic Sea” by the New York Times, has a lot to offer to the startups and innovators as one of the most advanced digital societies in the world. 

Estonia has made itself an open and accessible environment where people can come to learn, experience and better understand what is possible. Whether it is a governmental delegation coming to learn from the e-Governance Academy, or an entrepreneur coming on a startup visa to build their business, or a multinational company setting up a shared service centre – Estonia is a welcoming place with lots to offer.

Estonia is part of the EU and Eurozone – it is considered as a perfect entry point into the EU market.

One of the key features of Estonian company is the 0% corporate tax. No tax is paid unless profit is distributed to shareholders.

Estonia offers low incorporation costs. You can start a company with no share capital contribution. This makes the initial capital need low and minimizes Your risks.

e-Residents can establish and manage an EU company remotely – from anywhere in the world – without the need for travel.

Estonia doesn’t have a requirement for physical office, employment, or salary, unless stated otherwise and applied to financial institutions.